*Preorder*   We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love Vinyl

*Preorder* We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love Vinyl


* The current estimated delivery is August due to issues in the supply chain. Pre-orders are still available and we'll honor signatures on those orders*

Reissue of 2008's We Sing of Only Blood or Love on vinyl 

Comes with a free download of the record, bonus track and a free sticker !

Track listing:
  1. Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain
  2. Didn't Know Yet What I'd Know When I Was Bleedin'
  3. Night Is The Notion
  4. Radiation Blues
  5. The Terrors Of Nightlife
  6. A Spinning Song
  7. Truth In The Dark
  8. Ouroboros
  9. Living Is Suicide
  10. Forgot I Was Alive
  11. Ghost Movement
  12. Dog-Headed Whore
  13. The Wall of Death
  14. Scarlett of Heaven nor Hell
  15. Dethbryte
  16. Dream or be Dead (bonus track not available on cd)